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Ed Pincus Retrospective

November 2-4, 2012

at Lincoln Center • New York City

Filmmaker in attendance

Friday, Nov 2
6:30pm          Black Natchez with Panola
8:30pm          One Step Away with Harry’s Trip
Saturday, Nov 3
2pm                Black Natchez with Panola
4:30pm          Life and Other Anxieties
6:30pm          Diaries
Sunday, Nov 4
2:15                Diaries
6pm                Life and Other Anxieties
8pm                The Axe in the Attic


The series will be in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center at 144 W 65th Street.

Pincus and Small Films emerged out of a chance meeting between two independent filmmakers Ed Pincus and Lucia Small when they sat on a film jury together and discovered that they shared a strong sensibility yet were different enough to make things "interesting". Pincus, who had been away from filmmaking for 25 years, was eager to return to film and collaborate with Small, who had produced many independent films, including her then just released directorial debut film. Three years later, they formed Pincus and Small Films, setting the goal of producing provocative, critical, humorous, captivating and innovative films, qualities evident in their previous independent work.

Pincus and Small's first film project, THE AXE IN THE ATTIC (2007), is a feature documentary exploring the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina — What happens when you are exiled in your own country? LOWER NINTH WARD (2009), is a short, also exploring the aftermath of Katrina. It is a visual and sound meditation on lives suddenly interrupted by a flood, revealing a destruction of a community. 

Recently, Small and Pincus have come together again to make what might be their last film — ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, a film that
explores the notion of chance, friendship, legacy, love and learning to live life to the fullest in the face of a terminal illness.

This film project is currently being produced under The Independent Feature Project. and is seeking donations. IFP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

“Just realizing that it’ll never be the same, like it was when we grew up. Just in one day it was all taken away.” --Jimmy

“We have did this over ten times and it’s still in the computer the same way.” --Linda at FEMA office

Additional funding and support provided by The Independent Feature Project, LEF Moving Image Fund and The Sundance Institute.

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